Happy Easter

First, I like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter.
When I remember Easter growing up it was all about getting dressing your Easter outfit and getting candy. The morning would start out of course with the glorious Easter Basket, filled with candy and colored eggs. It was always exciting seeing what delicious treats the Easter Bunny might have brought. The Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs, Robin's Malted Eggs, and the heavenly Elmer's Gold Brick Melt-a-Way Eggs were my faves. You could've kept everything else.
In fact, there never seem to be enough of the good stuff as the basket always managed to have more of the candy I hated and the stuff that my mother or grandmother loved. Hmm. As an adult, I can see it was all part of their devious plot. Ha!
When I was a mom for a brief time and created the Easter baskets, I created one for myself as well. I may not have had the same enthusiasm as a kid but I got the candy I wanted. However, by the time I was a mom, Easter Baskets had changed, and besides candy, they usually included a small toy of some sort. The first Easter, I had my step-daughters living with me; I bought them New Kids on the Block dolls. They were five and seven. Since, they had just moved in only a few months before, they didn't have many toys. So, I figured I'd get them the NKOTB dolls so Courtney and Skipper would have friends. What was I thinking?
Easter morning the girls were so excited to see their treasures. They loved their dolls and couldn't wait to play with them. So while my then husband and I made breakfast they ran into their room and played. Everything was normal until the suspicious little girl laughter. This wasn't the laughter of innocent fun. This was the laughter of we're doing something we shouldn't be. I walked in to discover all four dolls naked. The New Kid was on top of Courtney. The girls were laughing until I asked what was going on. The oldest responded with a simple. "Nothing."
The youngest almost couldn't wait to spill her guts. "It was M's idea. She wanted to play naked town and let the Barbies have sex."
What? I stood there for a moment and tried to wrap my head around it. Where had they learned about this from? I had my then hubby come get the youngest and had a talk with the oldest about what she knew. When she use to go to daycare someone had told her that sex was when a man and woman laid on top of each other naked. So, I explained there was more to it and when she got a little older I would discuss. As I said Easter had changed a little by the time I got to be a mom.
Now, as an Adult Easter isn't about Candy, though I must admit that I ordered twelve of Gold Brick Eggs from a local NOLA vendor. You can't find them anywhere in the Midwest. It took a month to eat and filled my need for them for quite a while. For me, Easter has become a day to enjoy my family and look at all the blessings I have.
Update: I wrote this back in 2015 and still haven't had another GoldBrick since.
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