Torchwood and Lynch Mobs

The new season of Torchwood is shaping up to be pretty interesting. Last night as I watched I was able to see the similarities of some of our world today. Bill Pullman is playing convicted murdering pedophile, Oswald Danes. There he was in last night's episode, Miracle Day: Rendition, at a news affiliate about to be interviewed. He was by the craft services table and took the extra trash canned liner and started to fill it with food. The PA working there looked mortified and told him to stop. This is where it gives you food for thought. He said a lot of things but one thing was, that he didn't know where he could get his next meal from. He really couldn't leave home and so on and so forth. Her response to his monologue was. "I hope you choke on a cracker."

I guess maybe the parellel was easy to draw after I saw a story about Casey Anthony and her life after she is released from jail.

Before I get put on blast for this comparison I have my reasons for it. While, like others, I may not be happy with the verdict, does that give anyone the right to exact revenge on her? Does there need to be a lynch mob waiting outside jail? Does she need to be in fear for her life?

There was a woman who was driving down a freeway and another motorist thought she looked like Casey so what did the person do? She smashed into her and wrecked the woman's car. Luckily she wasn't injured but what if she had been? With the mob mentality that the news media creates how is anyone expected to get a fair trail?

I watched blurbs here and there about the Casey Anthony case. It amazed me how many people lined up early in the morning so they could get in and watch. Now, I know people line up for concerts, sporting events and even game/reality shows but a trail. When did this become entertainment? We have armchair quarter backs, nonstop coverage of the trail and let's not forget the commentators. Two nights ago as I'm watching my local news there is a commercial for Entertainment Tonight and they are discussing the possibility of Casey Anthony having plastic surgery. Really? Once again how is this entertainment related?

People say she could stand to make a lot of money and there are a lot of people who say they will not support her endeavors. I have to ask with their fascination with it can they really just walk away?

Another thing while I am on this tangent there was a case locally where a father, Kevin Fox was accused of molesting and murdering his daughter, Riley. (More info here.) This innocent father spent time in jail for a murder he didn't commit. However, the media was first to string him up.

There are some cases that I have had my own rush to judgment, but when all is said and done I know I don't have the right to be this person's judge or executioner.


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