There is Nothing to Fear except Fear Itself.

As I was reading a friend's blog she posted that someone had said to her, "What's the worst that can happen?"

Something came over me and I felt the need to respond with: 'Think about all the risk you've taken in your life, there has always been an element of fear. Yet, if we look past the worst that can happen and imagine the best we might just actually achieve our greatest success.'

This got me to thinking as I laid in bed last night trying to fall asleep. Right now, I have something that I'm in the middle of. It is something that I have a good shot of managing to accomplish, yet I let that four letter word creep in. FEAR, this little word is amazingly powerful if you give into the anxiety that it can create.

Through out my life I've taken risk, fear be dammed. I was going to make certain things happen. That being said though I would say I'm a crazy risk taker. My friend Angela described me best when it came to my risk taking years ago. "You are a calculated risk taker." Her words couldn't have been more true.

This is how I've opperated. Maybe it is how I was trained. No matter, if a friend and I were paying a ticket broker for front row seats, I told her we'd meet the band. I had no basis to make this proclomation but I did and we did. There were times before that and times after that I was fearless and accomplished what I set out to do.

Yet, now after all my fearless feats the anxiety that wasn't present all those years ago manages to creep in. How can such a little four letter word be so powerful?


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