Sometimes in Others We See Ourselves

I recently had a post about looking at the past events in our lives and seeing the lessons that can help us today.

Now, I can see an event unfolding and know I need to watch it carefully.

Roughly seven years ago, my now husband and I started dating. This should have been all wine and roses but it wasn't, well not in the normal sense. My husband tried pushing me away telling me, "He wasn't in good health."
I told him, it didn't matter. I admit I was a bit cliche when I said, "It was better to have loved him and lost him than never to have loved at all." I couldn't help myself I saw something in him. I had feelings for him and that was that.

A little over two years later, we married and have been on a wild ride. Since that time he has lost sight in one eye and is legally blind in his good one. He has had a quadruple bypass and his kidney function has decreased.Most of his problems stem from being a bad diabetic. So we take it each day.

So, now I come to the point of this. Recently, my husband's mom has lost her sight and they believe it is permanent. Her kidneys shut down and five years ago she had cardiac bypass surgery. She has other health issues as well.

I realized the other day after we visted his parents that I need to pay close attention to this. I need to see how his father handles this and learn from his challenges, because one day I might just be in his place.


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