I Wish I Could See the Light.

"I love seeing your smiling faces." That's what my mother-in-law said to my husband and me. She said it many times, last Monday afternoon as we stood at the foot of her hospital bed. She even said it as she clutched John's hand and silently wept.

The problem was, as we found out today was that she didn't see us at all. She suffered a stroke in her good eye and the other she has had a cataract for years. She can't even see light. So as she laid in bed saying those words to us, her world was truly dark. She was only seeing the memories that had lingered in her mind.

This may or may not be permanent, a surgeon will tell them next week. No matter the outcome I know my husband is looking at his mother and now thinking about the fact that one day, he will be living in the very place she is as his vision slowly fades.


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