Stop and Take a Moment.

I consider myself fortunate as I can look at my life and see it from all sides. Each role, I have played in my life has lead me to another experience that I can incorporate. While, truly this is pretty common, I'm not sure that we all see it.

Growing up, I was unfortunate enough to have the experience of my parents divorcing. I even had the experience of having a step-parent. (All of these things are very common place now but in the 70's it was just starting to become more of the norm.) I digress. Those experiences taught me lessons that I would use later in life.

At twenty-two, I suddenly had two little girls thrust into my life. The most terrifying thing for me was to be a mom. Yet, because of my past experience I kind of knew what I needed to do. I wasn't perfect but I knew how I didn't want to be.

As I look at events through my life, I'm able to see how situations have been thrust on me and made me grow. They've given me life lessons that I could use years later. It is almost like a puzzle piece. If I hadn't had that prior experience, things would be a lot harder.

I guess the whole point of this post is to get you to think. Stop! Look at your life; can you see how things or events taught you things? Can you see how that event helped you with something later on? Just take a few minutes, find some place quiet and really look at the events of your life. When you are thinking you might discover something about yourself or someone else that you never saw before.


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