There's a Kind of Hush

all over the house. John and I are a little codependent I must admit. We have been together almost 24/7 for the last 3 years. The only times we've been apart has been when he was in the hospital or if I meet up with my writer friend D. So it is a very odd experience to be in this house and not worrying about John. He is off seeing GIJoe with a friend. I have to say it is almost kind of peaceful. Part of it is that I know he is out having a bit of fun.

So for a few hours I will enjoy the quiet, do a little laundry and enjoy the peace. Hey, I might even try and write. I do have to say though that I miss him a bit.

By the way if you check out my new icon you can see my Wii Fit Mii.


d said…
AH! I was mentioned in your post. Woo hoo! =)

There's something nice about a quiet house, but I understand missing someone who's always there.

When I'm in Oz, Justin and I are always together except for some of my trips down to the store, etc. But every Thursday he leaves about 7p and returns about 1030p to go over to a friend's house and I'll have the house to myself. The quiet is nice and then I find I miss him.
But don't tell him. =)

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