R.I.P. Robin

Near the beginning of June, I was out in my yard. While I was there I was graced with a beautiful song by a Robin sitting at the peak of my roof. He even allowed me to go inside and get my camera to film him. He was there for a while and each day I was out in the yard would fly in and start singing. He would always bring a smile to my face.

A week ago I backed out of my driveway I saw a sight that made me want to cry. There between my house and the neighbor's house was a robin that someone had run over. (We have a lot of speeders through our neighborhood.) I pointed the robin out to my hubby but he said maybe it isn't him. Well, days have past and my Robin has never returned. So it is with much sadness that I say Rest In Peace little Robin. Thank you for the joy you provided with your song.


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