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Yesterday as most of you know I spent time writing. It was great way to spend most of the day. Then I help my Hubby do a little cleaning. I'm now convinced at the age of 41 that I will have to do one of two things either put a sticky note on the dryer(we've got a stackable) or buy those new all in one laundry sheets.

In one of my bathroom breaks yesterday I decided to start a load of towels. (Our stackable is in our bathroom.) So I turn the washer on and put the towels in and I swear I put detergent in. Then on the final rinse I put the fabric softener in. Put it in the dryer (Everything is going as it should.) with a dryer sheet and that's it. Right? Well, except for folding and my Hubby decided to be be a dear and fold them and put them away.

So what is the big deal about laundry. I didn't manage to take the wet clothes out of the dryer and put them back in the wash so what could be wrong. Well, after he folded the towels he decided he was going to take a shower. So, I'm in the den writ ting some more or maybe I was playing a game on the computer. I can't remember. When he gets out he comes in and ask what I did to the towels. Nothing, I respond and he says they stink. Hmmm, how is this possible fabric softener was in there.
"Did you use enough detergent?" He asked.
I thought for a moment. Did I use enough the more I tried to recall the more I think I washed the towels without any soap. Yikes. Am I sure I'm not seventy? So, I guess a post it note or as John suggested a dry erase board so I can place a check mark when I completed the task.

Tsk, Tsk Tsk. Off to the Chiro. Ta ta.


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