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Well, yes it was a surprise when I went in for a follow up for my ankle surgery. I was all prepared to be done with the podiatrist for a long time. However, as of late I've noticed a bulge under my ankle on my inner left foot. He checked it out and asked questions and did an ultrasound. Yeah! The problem is a Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

OK, so tonight as I sit here and think about the questions he asked it really makes me wonder. For over a year I've noticed that my foot feels like it has fallen asleep even though it isn't. There was random pain too. It's the Fibro I've been told. Hmmmm.

Recently as this bulge has gotten bigger I've noticed that I can get up walk to the bathroom and come back and it feels like I have pins and needles in my foot. Occasionally there is the pain across the top of my foot. So today as I tell my doc this he says it is all related to the Swollen blood vessel and tendons all coming together and compressing. Some of this maybe be related to my back as well but most of what is going on right now is from the TTS.

For now I have a follow up with him in two weeks but if it gets worse then he is going to want to do surgery. I just got out of the boot on the right foot three weeks ago and the prospect of being in the boot again during the summer is not appealing. I think for now I'm just going to hang in there and hope it can hold its on. Let me get some of the weight off and avoid the heat of the summerthen we can talk about surgery.


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