Protest...Come on.

I don't deny who I am or what I do. I read Tarot cards. Well, this past weekend I read at an event called Ask Your Angels Day. It was in a small community in Elburn, IL. So last week the local newspaper called the person putting the event on an advised her that their would be protesters.

This is 2009, right? Religious tollerence is important no matter what someone believes, Right? Okay well, the minister across the street said that we would be calling demons and that it would harm the children.
What the hell? Is all I could think.
He wrote a letter to the local paper. (Here is the letter.)
He was quoting something that happened back in 1977 that had nothing to do with a fair. He even held a prayer vigil the night before at the gym where we had the event was held. He came to realize I believe that all his protest did was help us with publicity.

Here is the funny thing the day of the event there was a pick-up truck that was parked in front of the building. Here are the protesters. Thanks Rebecca for the picture.
Angels or Demons - Hmm that is almost a movie title...But honestly my fave thing is the free water. Here it is a hot day let us give you water then you have to listen about the evil inside that you need to protect your children from. What harm is going to be done to your children? Can you tell me?

I don't force my believes on anyone for a I feel religion or spirituality is each persons choice. However, I just can't understand why in this day and age someone would protest this event.


Okay really, he's still hanging on to something that happened 30 years ago? I'm truly confused by people whose 'religious' beliefs are threatened by different beliefs. Why so fragile?
Dawn aka Dauna said…
Exactly. It reminded me of Footloose a little where dancing was banned all for the wrong reason.

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