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Today is the first day that things were kind of back to normal since John is out of the hospital. Finally his dizziness went away and he was feeling a little more energetic then before.

So since he was a little bit better we went out to the local Mexican restaurant for as we call it Tico Taco Tuesday. They have $.99 Tacos every Tuesday. I know how is this diet food. Well, they are not fried and they are not seasoned with the normal salt seasoning you find in the grocery store. So pretty much everything was diet friendly. Well, except for the cheese I had on mine. John opted for no cheese. Anyway they were yummy and pretty much lo-cal. Also the little bit of heat int he salsa helped me get rid of my migraine.

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However, after that we had some movie passes still so we went and saw Terminator: Salvation. After the third movie I had really given up hope on this franchise so I went in with pretty low expectations. I have to say I was really impressed. While I'm not a movie critic by any means I enjoyed the movie. Within the first ten minutes I did jump in my seat as they approached a door. Now whether that was from the loud noise or the visual I'm not sure.

I thought the effects were great and I actually like some of the new terminators.While I'm not normally a huge CGI fan I have to say seeing Arnie back was great. (All though it did make me ponder if we might ever see Marilyn Monroe, James Dean or any other celebrity from yesteryear in something new. I know blasphemy.) Which brings me to the guy who is a terminator. The clues were there and I leaned over and told John before the first clue was given that he was one of them.
Still all in all a good action flick and it didn't disappoint.

Now the bad things had nothing to do with the movie it was about the theater just sitting down for that length of time made my back ache. Though that is nothing new. OF course once the flick was over it was time to go to the restroom. Medium root beer at the beginning of the movie will do that. I walk in and sitting in the third sink is just something totally disgusting. You know you are in a bathroom. You couldn't do that in a stall. There it was in all its technicolor glory a sink full of vomit. Mmmm, Yuck. I told the usher that was cleaning a trash can, outside the restroom that "Someone blew chunks in the sink in there." I'm wondering if it is still in the sink at this time.

So I'm finishing up my blog while John is watching im a celebrity! Pictures, Images and Photos

From Webster's
Pronunciation: \sə-ˈle-brə-tē\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural ce·leb·ri·ties
Date: 14th century
1 : the state of being celebrated : fame
2 : a famous or celebrated person

I looked at a few of these people and think what makes them a celebrity.
Heidi and Spencer Pratt - MTV stars WTF? The only reason I know these two is because they have been on the The Soup I guess it is so they can attract a younger demographic but come on. I sat there watching it with him last night and it was just bad. Then again a lot of reality or fauxality TV is.

By the way I never realized that Janice Dickenson and Steven Tyler were separated at birth. I never really thought about it until last night when I saw her with very minimal makeup.

And on that note have a lovely evening or day.
Almost forgot: Johnny Depp is in the July issue of Vanity Fair.
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