Blue Panda

blue panda Pictures, Images and PhotosThis is an expression John and I picked up from I think a Snickers commercial and when one of us is down, we are then a Blue Panda. Today was a Blue Panda day.

If you read my post from last night you all ready know why. Any way since it was a Blue Panda day and also Gram's Joyce's Birthday we went to Chili's. We went to the same one that she ate at when we brought her and my other grandmother to town. That same night since Joyce hadn't celebrated her 75th Birthday we requested the sccop of ice cream with a candle and sang to her.

So over lunch John made a toast to her and we reminecesed and yes there were tears as well as laughs. So today after all this we came home and called John's folks and it wasn't until his dad called back later that we found out his mom was in the hospital for Congestive Heart Failure. She had accumulated nearly 40-50 ponds of fluid. So tonight she is in the hospital trying to get rid of the fluid. She has one good kidney and the fluid build up didn't happen over night. She has been neglecting to goto the doctor for months, just like when she had the initial heart attack. So John and I realize that maybe now is the time to step in and do wellness checks on them at least once a week and push the doctor issue if need be.


Angela said…
Yes! Definitely do the wellness checks and push the doctor issue. I have to stay on top of my mom's meds, dr. appts. and health issues constantly. It gets tiring, but I keep on keeping on.

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