Well the Start Maybe Delayed

Adrenaline Pictures, Images and Photos is a funny thing. All though I stayed home from the hospital for two days I didn't realize how exhausted I was. Part of it I'm sure has to do with the respiratory infection and the other it was very strange being in this house alone.

As I had said John is home and when the alarm clock went off for me to get up this am to go to the Chiro. I realized just how exhausted I was. My voice was squeaky and almost nonexistent and I was so tired. I still am but wanted to push through as I had to get a few things done.

So after changing my Chiro appointment I went back to sleep.When I woke up still feeling exhausted I came to the realization that all last week I was running on Adrenaline. Amazing how we can push through something and not realized how we did it until afterwards.


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