Today is a day to make some changes.

Well, John got out of the hospital today after being in there a week. I'm so very happy to have him home. All that being said though now the tough stuff begins.

While I was down in NOLA (New Orleans,LA) I decided that I would go back to blogging. In fact part of my thought was to post about my struggle as many of us over 40 types do with weight and how to take it off.

There was a time not too long ago that I was not happy with the way I looked. Well, I guess now it is almost six years ago. I went down to NOLA to see my dad and grandmothers. When I downloaded the holiday pictures from my camera to my laptop I thought I was going to die. There looking back at me on the computer scream was my worst fear. I had gained more weight then I thought I could.Now looking back I know that was not the truth.

So, since I disliked the way I looked a friend and I thought it would be great to try Weight Watchers, after all we would be going to Los Angles that summer. I'm not sure if it was the goal or just the diet but I followed the plan and I was on a treadmill everyday. BY the time we left for our trip I was down almost 25 pounds and was feeling good about myself. Mind you I wasn't a stick figure but I was happy with the way that I looked.

Needless to say as I sit here and write this my weight is much more then it was on that trip to California and some of it is due to health reasons. However, that being said if I don't take the weight off now I may never get it off and that will only negatively impact my health even more. So even though I had a Healthy Choice for dinner tonight our (John's and Mine)weight loss mission truley begins tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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