Something to Make Me Smile

Flowers Pictures, Images and PhotosTonight I got a call from someone very dear to me. It wasn't just a short call it was a call which lasted 2 hours. For two hours I got to talk to one of my daughters.

Most people wouldn't find this odd, but this isn't the normal mother/daughter relationship. She was my stepdaughter from my first marriage. Even though that marriage ended, her and her sister are still important to me.She is now a grown woman and almost 24. To be able to still talk with her and know that I'm as important to her as she is to me, means a lot.

The other interesting things about tonight was that we connected on a different level. She got to do what I've done with my own Dad and that is to ask about the past. I filled in voids that she had forgotten or didn't know the real reason behind it. There were things about me she didn't know and I believe she came to realize that in some ways we have gone through the same things.Maybe not exactly the same but very close experiences.

The delight it brought to me to have this conversation. We talked not only as Mother and Daughter but as two adult friends.This is a relationship I could've only hoped to have with my own Mother.


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