The official beginning

The official beginning is tomorrow. All though today has been a Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice kind of day.The weigh in is tomorrow. After my step-sister posted some pictures for me to see on Facebook I realize how desperately I need to loose this excess weight. So maybe tonight before the real weigh in I will think about all that I need to do to better my life.

While I know this isn't anything new as far as a blog about some one's weight loss journey this is something that is at the fore front of my life.Really it isn't about loosing weight to fit into some real nice swimsuit or even cute clothes. This is about my health and the thought of what might happen to me if I don't do something now.

The good thing in this is that I have a partner that has to do it as well. So hopefully my hours of late nights because I can't sleep will be a thing of the past. After all we have to put a little more structure in our lives.


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