Nothing Spectacular

Today was more about doctors. The follow up after John's hospital stay and for me it was the chiropractor. Monday and Wednesday it will be more of the same.
DOCTOR WHO Pictures, Images and PhotosGee if only it was Doctor Who.

I don't like that doctors have become such a major part of my life. I really don't and I hope one day that changes but for now it is the reality.

As we age we all get things that happen to our body. Some of us are fortunate and are healthy and able to do things that some of us only dream about. For those people I give them Kudos.

While for me I look at what my life was before my injury and illness. I was the woman who was standing for three nights in a row at a rock concert. one night in the security pit. I was the woman who loved to where heels even if they were just a slight heel I wore it. The last time I wore dress shoes for a long length of time was back in 2004.

2004 was an interesting year, all though some of the changes started in 2003. When I decided to change jobs and move out of a place I had been living for seven years. Everything had changed. That addage about changing one thing can change you whole life is true. While most of them were great changes some were not so spectacular.

All though I had all ready knew my husband 2004 was when we started dating. In fact he officially asked me out on Good Friday the same day I became a claims supervisor. While my furture with John has been good. I can't say the same about the path as a supervisor. That however is possibly for another time.

Life now is not always easy and well that's OK. The thing I regret is the fact that there are a lot of things I miss out on now. Wether it is due to issues with pain or walking or just the fact that I'm worried how someone might judge me. I miss out on a lot and that is something I'm not happy about.

Now beofre you get your panties in a bunch and worry about me being depressed. I'm not for the most part. Anxiety issues are a little more of a relavant thing. The one thing that gets me through my days are John and my cats. I guess why him being away at the hospital for a week really took a lot out of me.

Ok, I realize I'm just rambling and if your still reading this you are either laughing at me or going what the hell is her deal. I tell you this is just me. It is who I am and sometimes I just feel the need to ramble. Have a good night or good day whatever it maybe.


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