I promised

Big Mac Pictures, Images and PhotosI promised myself I wouldn't check the scale except for once a week, but I did it.

I climbed on my scale this morning because I was really bad yesterday. We were out at Sam's and after we left John's sugar was heading south so we stopped at McDonald's. John was smart and had a grilled Chicken and me I opted for a Big Mac. I haven't had one in a long time and for some reason it was calling me. Really there was no need to beat myself up as I had to stop somewhere after the cramping began five minutes after I was finished. After time in the bathroom I was fine. It could've been from all the fat or it could've been from the antibiotic.

So last night after all my chastising I did it again I had fish and chips. I ate this figuring I sabotouged my diet once all ready so why the hell not. Well I enjoyed the beer battered fish and the two slices of garlic bread. They were yummy. So today I wanted to see what damage I did...I'm happy to say none...I was 266.4. So even though I fell off of the wagone yesterday I'm back on track today.


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